Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Christmas Carol (2009)


Before Christmas, I decided to watch the movie “A Christmas Carol” directed by Robert Zemeckis and starred by Jim Carrey. It’s a 3d film adaptation of the Charles Dicken’s story. The film is dramatic though but it’s very nice to watch. The cool thing about the movie is it’s special effects. The picture is very crisp as if everything is very real. And also Jim Carrey voiced a couple of characters in the movie; Ebenezer Scrooge, Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas Past, and Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.


We watched the film in a D Cinema near our vicinity. It was actually our first time to watch a 3d film in a 3d cinema. It’s very cool because you could almost touch the characters. The tickets were expensive though but it’s worth it. It’s a must see movie these Holidays.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miss Potter (2006)

Hey guys! I changed my blog for a fresh start. As for my very first post, I’d like to share to you a very special film that I loved.


Miss Potter is a 2006 film directed by Chris Noonan and starred by ReneĆ© Zelwegger and Ewan McGregor. It’s a biopic of children’s book author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter. This film touched me deep inside. I’m not a person who’s really into romantic-drama movies. This film let me feel emotions that I never felt before.

Miss Potter is the daughter of rich family and is very fond of making illustration for children’s books. She made her way into submitting her works to the publishing house of the Warne brothers who thinks that her stories are ridiculous and a sure failure. Even so, they agreed to publish Ms. Potter’s stories because they made a promise to their youngest brother, Norman Warne, that they’ll give him a project. That’s why Norman and Beatrix are working hand on hand to the publishing of Miss Potter’s works which was a big success. Their working relationship took it’s new level when they felt something for each other. At first, Beatrix isn’t really into men, which is the reason why Millie, Norman’s sister, got close to Beatrix right away. Beatrix invited Millie and Norman to their family’s Christmas party where Norman proposed to Beatrix. Both of them were very happy, unlike Beatrix’ parents who are against their relationship. Beatrix’ social climber mother despise her company with Norman because of him being a tradesmen. Miss Potter argued with her parents until they came into a proposition that they’ll keep Beatrix’ engagement with Norman a secret and go on a vacation with her parents until the end of summer. If ever she hasn’t changed her decision of marrying Norman, then her parents will let her be. Norman and Beatrix bid each other their farewells before Beatrix went to the Lake District for a vacation.

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They promised each other to send letters, which they did. Until one day, Beatrix received a letter from Millie informing her that Norman is ill. Beatrix immediately travelled back to London only to find out that Norman is dead. Beatrix felt terrible and shuts herself inside her room. Crying and feeling hopeless. Until she decided to move out of their house and bought a farm in the Lake District where she continued her work. Beatrix bough a farm in the country with the help of her solicitor, William Heelis, who helped her outbid all the auctions on the land. After eight years, Beatrix married William.

This movie is a must-see for romantic people. Check out your nearest video store and watch this wonder movie.